A Bit About Me


I believe everyone has a special talent. It doesn’t need to make you a genius but everyone is special in a certain way. It took me a while to find my talent and to embrace and admit it the way it has been given to me. My gift is my restlessness or as a friend called it “divine discontent” which allows me to let go easily to embrace change and new directions.

I am one of those people who have that unbroken desire for novelty and exploration. I constantly come up with new ideas of what I could do or learn next. I always look for new stimulation. Consequently, I worked most of my life in event management until I started my solo travel adventures. Since then, I found myself the most blossoming when being on the road exploring and indulging into this world.

I am very well aware that constant change can be stressful and exhausting. And I do believe that all survival and safety needs, a sense of belongingness and acceptance and respect by others and yourself need to be met to be able to express yourself fully. I am very lucky to be born in a country where I never experienced war or any other tragedies and my passport allows me to travel freely. I am supported by friends and family and their love is a sturdy safety net for me. Still I feel most (self-) respect and acceptance while being on the road. Only there I can fully live my desire for liberation and freedom. It’s adventures when I become truly aware of my blood flow and my heart beat.

I believe in the words that I once learnt in India, ‘Everything is possible at anytime”. These words are guiding me every since and allowed me to make it this far.